Looking for professional thrills? Get involved!

You'd be surprised what thrill seekers hide among our rank and file members, from racing on mountain bikes to jumping out of airplanes and hang gliding at the Outer Banks. Doesn't that make volunteering seem tame by comparison?

Here are just a few examples of how you can get more involved with IABC/Charlotte. Click a committee name below to email our board for more information.


  • Coordinate website updates
  • Develop special program marketing strategies
  • Contribute content for the newsletter, website and social media
  • Coordinate/capture/share photos from our events

Programs/Professional Development

  • Help develop monthly program ideas
  • Help plan and produce the program calendar
  • Coordinate facility arrangements
  • Help plan, recruit speakers and organize special in-depth seminars and workshops
  • Help develop a chapter program to encourage members to seek accreditation


  • Keep in touch with members to understand what they want from and are able to offer IABC
  • Help maintain an accurate database for contacting members
  • Develop networking segments for events and special networking programs
  • Develop chapter marketing goals and campaigns to increase membership
  • Follow up on inquiries from individuals asking for more information about IABC and membership
  • Call to welcome new members and help them connect with our members, programs and volunteer opportunities

Chapter Leadership

  • Serve as a board member or committee chair
  • Recommend ways our chapter can improve services to members